Welcome to the Washburn Class of '63 50th reunion website.

We are glad you found us and look forward to providing a "town hall" center for all classmates as we approach this historic anniversary.

Come see old friends.  Make new friends.  Renew acquaintances.  Reminisce. Bury hatchets.  Let it fly.  Dig up old stories and be part of new stories.  Remain in denial or confess it really was you that threw the spitball in Cliff Johnson's class.  More details are included and more will be forthcoming but save the dates of Sept 6 - 7, 2013

The reunion committee is busily planning what we think will be an unforgettable weekend for all.  In doing so we have 3 primary objectives:

1st - Bring as many classmates and spouses, significant others, partners etc together as possible in a warm, welcoming environment where friendships can be renewed, memories relived, and fun can be had by all.

2nd - We want to plan a weekend that is inclusive---one where everyone can find something to participate in and look forward to. There will be a fun casual event at the Parkway Theater on Friday night;   dinner and dance, videos, faculty guests for those still living, and surprises for all at the Minikahda Country Club on Saturday night.   

3rd - We plan to do as much spadework as possible so that we can publish an up to date memory book that includes a brief autobiographical update (ie life details) on every classmate who chooses to participate. Tell us where you live, how many kids you have, grandchildren, etc.. We'd like to be reminded of what you did after high school, what you have chosen for your life's work.  We'd like to know your interests, your hobbies, your accomplishments.  Tell us what it is over the past 50 years you are most proud of.  You get the idea.


Whether you have good memories of high school or bad memories or no memories at all we urge you to attend. No one can deny that these were formative years in all of our lives.  And over the 50 years we've all evolved.  We're more experienced, presumably wiser and have made a virtue out of resilience. We've endured the drama and various bumps life hands out and we're still standing---still looking forward to many good things yet to come.  Many of us are retired, some of us are on our 2nd, 3rd and 4th careers.  All of us have our unique stories.  This is a time to come together and share, compare notes or just plain enjoy each others' company.  But the operative thought is, come together.

To have a truly successful reunion this web site needs to be interactive.  It will help the committee make certain that our reunion is of your liking---interesting, fun and informative.  We ask you to circulate this web site to our classmates.  We want your involvement.  We want your help in locating classmates. While we can't promise that each and every suggestion will be acted upon we can promise that all ideas will be read and considered in an effort to have everyone feel ownership in this milestone weekend.

Remember the adage "there is nothing in life as valuable as old friends".  Your reunion committee believes this.  We're excited to see everyone.  We're excited to hear from you.  It will be a great, welcoming weekend.